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Tesla Drivers Can Turn Sub-Trunks Into Portable Freezers

by Cody Fair 28 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Tesla Drivers Can Turn Sub-Trunks Into Portable Freezers

As Tesla electric vehicles become more popular, the need for accessories that cater to their unique features is also increasing. One such accessory is a portable freezer for Tesla sub-trunks. This car refrigerator is designed to fit perfectly in the sub-trunk of Tesla Model 3, Y, and X, making it an ideal addition for camping trips, road trips, and daily life.

The outdoor fridge is designed very practically to go in your car’s trunk. No more messy trunks or unsuited coolers in your car’s trunk if you have this cool product, which comes in three capacities of 20L, 35L, and 36L, respectively, for the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Model X.

The quality cooling compressor used in the fridge is capable of reaching temperatures as low as -4°F, making it suitable for freezing food and drinks. The compressor is also energy-efficient, ensuring that it does not drain the battery of the Tesla vehicle excessively. The thick 45mm layer of insulation ensures better cooling efficiency, keeping the contents of the fridge fresh and cool for longer periods.

One of the standout features of the camping fridge is its smart app control. The app allows users to remotely manage the fridge, adjusting the temperature, and monitoring the contents of the fridge. This feature is particularly useful for those who are on the go and need to keep an eye on their fridge's contents.

The Tesla sub-trunk fridge is highly portable, making it easy to carry around. It can be easily removed from the sub-trunk and taken to campsites, picnics, and other outdoor activities. The fridge's compact size also makes it easy to store in the trunk of the Tesla vehicle when not in use.

The portable freezer for Tesla sub-trunks is an excellent addition for those who love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Its solid build quality, efficient cooling compressor, and smart app control make it a must-have accessory for Tesla Model 3, Y, and X owners. With its highly portable design and ample storage space, the portable fridge is perfect for camping trips, road trips, and daily life.

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