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Tesla Model 3, Y and X Fridges: Practical Solutions and Compatibility

by ACOPower Tesfridge 07 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Tesla owners often seek convenient accessories to enhance their driving experience. One such accessory is the TeslaFridge—a portable freezer designed specifically for Tesla vehicles. In this article, we’ll explore the features, installation process, and compatibility of TeslaFridges with various Tesla models.

Features of TeslaFridges

  • Temperature Range: TeslaFridges offer a wide temperature setting range, typically between -4°F and 50°F. This flexibility allows users to meet their cooling needs, whether they’re storing groceries, beverages, or medications.
  • Sleek Exterior Design: TeslaFridges come with stunning exterior enhancements, providing a modern and sleek look. The cover plate helps release excess heat, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Adjustable Temperature: Users can set the desired temperature within the specified range. Whether you need to keep items frozen or just cool, the TeslaFridge adapts to your preferences.

Compatibility with Tesla Models

1. Tesla Model 3 Fridge

The TeslaFridge is suitable for both the 2024 Highland and pre-2023 Model 3 Tesla vehicles. Installation is straightforward, and the fridge fits perfectly into the sub trunk. It draws power from the front cigarette lighter via a 3-meter-long cable1. If you own a Model 3, the TeslaFridge is a practical addition for road trips, picnics, or daily use.

2. Tesla Model Y Fridge

For Model Y owners, the TeslaFridge is specially designed for the sub trunk. With capacities of 35L, it provides ample space for chilled or frozen items. The adjustable temperature range (-4°F to 50°F) ensures versatility2. If you’re satisfied with the 12V fridge in your Model Y trunk, the TeslaFridge offers even more convenience.

3. Tesla Model X Fridge

While the TeslaFridge is not explicitly marketed for the Model X, its compatibility extends to other Tesla models as well. Users can power the fridge using portable power stations, portable batteries, or other charging methods3. If you’re a Model X owner looking for a portable freezer, the TeslaFridge could be a viable option.

In summary, TeslaFridges provide practical solutions for keeping items cool or frozen during your Tesla adventures. Whether you’re cruising in a Model 3, Model Y, or even a Model X, the TeslaFridge enhances your driving experience. Just be mindful of minor quirks, such as the vented cover issue you mentioned, and enjoy the convenience of having chilled refreshments on the road!

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