The Tesla Fridge - 40L Refrigerator for Model X

SKU: fridge-X

  • Providing 40L capacities for Model X.
  • Perfect for Camping and Dialy Life.
  • Quality Cooling Compressor for -4°F Freezing.
  • Smart App Control for Remote Management.

The Tesla Fridge - 40L Refrigerator for Model X

The Tesla Fridge - 40L Refrigerator for Model X


The Tesla Fridge - 40L Refrigerator for Model X


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Perfect Fit for Tesla Model X Sub Trunk

You can store and organize your groceries in your sub trunk and make the most efficient use of space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julie K
Happy with our purchase

We bought this for our Model X because I spend a LOT of weekends travelling all over Southern California for our daughter's soccer team and I was constantly carting around freezer bags with ice packs to try to keep drinks and food cold. We've just come back from our first tournament weekend using the Acopower freezer and it worked brilliantly! Chills fast, kept everything icy cold and it used surprisingly little of the Tesla's battery.

I would actually give 4.5 stars if that was an option, docking half a point because:

1) Not a huge deal, but we were expecting a perfect fit in the subtrunk as though it were designed into the car. In reality, it does fit completely in that space but there is space on either side and it is clearly an "add-on". You can close the subtrunk lid to hide the freezer but if you leave it propped open (as opposed to lifting it out) the freezer lid won't stay open while you load/unload it.

2) A bit of a pain that the freezer is only bluetooth accessible from the app so you have to be in range of the freezer to check or adjust temperature

3) Set-up was a bit more cumbersome than expected... we had to go searching for answers for settings to get it to work, such as you have to put your Tesla into "camping" mode in order for the power to stay on to keep it chilling.

Top tip: At least in the 2016 Model X, the "cigarette lighter" port is placed in an annoying position for this freezer because the charger then blocks the subtrunk lid from being able to simply lift up or down while the freezer is plugged in... you have to either unplug it or awkwardly lift the lid out completely at an angle. We purchased a $15 Cigarette Lighter Splitter with a low-profile plug which allows the lid to pass up and down (and provides extra charging portals as a bonus)

Taron Walton
TeslaFridge Model X T-36

Ok, must have for traveling!
I first thought the TeslaFridge Model X T-36 was not cooling once I walked away, but the issue was the car going asleep even with Sentry Mode. I discovered every time I open the trunk, I heard the beep when the unit turns on, cold start. Also, the phone App will lose the Bluetooth connection. I finally figured out my 2023 Model X with Sentry Mode enable firmware 2024.3.15 did not enable the 15v trunk adapter. I enable camp mode, locked the door and walked away, check back in 15 minute it was running and reach my default 25F setting.

By the way, Dog Mode or Sentry Mode will not enable the 15V in the trunk just an Active car, door open, driving or Camp Mode. The TeslaFridge phone App is good at 10 to 15 feet away so you will know if the Fridge is on.

Unit works well, exhaust from the compressor heat is on the right where the vents are located and gets a little warm. I added spacers on the trunk lid, so it does not touch the TeslaFridge and leaves additional space for ventilation. Plus when we put luggage in the trunk it will not put any pressure on the Fridge. I added some pics of the quick installation. My wife has diabetic medicine that need to stay cool so this unit will serve two functions.
Incredible find,

Thanks ACOpower, keep it up.

David A
4.9 Stars - BRILLIANT

So I'm just gonna come out and say it. I LOVE THE MODEL X TESLA FRIDGE, full stop. Even though it's not perfect. [GASP!!!] Oh wait, did I continue after my full stop?

What I LOVE:
• It fits in my wife's 2022 Model X sub trunk
• 40L is HUGE, especially since you don't need 2:1 ice:contents, so equivalent to a 120L ice cooler
• Cools quickly - from 70 to 33 F in about 20 min (I didn't time it, sorry), but would take much longer stuffed full of room temp stuff, but stick pre-cooled stuff like your ice cream from the store in it, you're golden
• App control/monitoring is nice, since it's way out of reach and view
• Not Dometic price
• Leaves room on either side for essentials (road hazard kit, first aid kit, etc.)

What could be better:
• Not Dometic quality
• The fit could be better: it and the sub trunk cover stick up just a hair on the back end, but it still works without unintended button presses

Thank you, ACOpower. I'm one satisfied customer.

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