The Tesla Fridge - 35L Refrigerator for Model Y

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  • Portable freezer specially designed for Tesla Model Y
  • Simple drop-in installation, drop and plug in. As long as Sentry Mode is on, the refrigerator will stay on.
  • Bluetooth connection for turning on and off and adjust temperature.
  • High Quality Cooling compressor, only 30 mins to cool from 50°F to -4°F.

The Tesla Fridge - 35L Refrigerator for Model Y

The Tesla Fridge - 35L Refrigerator for Model Y

$699.00 $448.20

The Tesla Fridge - 35L Refrigerator for Model Y

$699.00 $448.20

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Maximize Trunk Utilization

Thanks to the sheer design to fit the Tesla sub trunk perfectly. Providing you with the most efficient use of space in your Tesla sub trunk.

Cooling In 30 Mins

Maintain your ideal temperature in just 30 minutes, you won't have to wait long before indulging in your favorite treats.

Hollow Design to Dissipate Heat

This hollow design around the TeslaFridge serves to regulate the temperature, through which the heat can be dissipated.

Perfect Fit for Tesla Model Y Sub Trunk

You can store and organize your groceries in your sub trunk and make the most efficient use of space.

Happy Tesla Fridge Owners

I was pleasantly surprised with the low energy consumption of this compressor fridge. It's a great way to keep my food and drinks cold on road trips without worrying about draining my car battery.
Allan Reyes
Tesla Model Y Owner
This fridge is a must-have for any Tesla Model Y owner. It's versatile, energy-efficient, and works great in both fridge and freezer mode.
Spencer Burt
Tesla Model Y Owner
This fridge is the perfect complement to my Tesla Model Y, and I can't imagine road-tripping without it. It's a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.
Juan Sandler
Tesla Model Y Owner

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tim Edquilag
Works great as advertised!

Bought this for my Tesla Model Y (2021). Works great and as advertised.

Had a chance to utilize it when out doing groceries and purposely did groceries first and other errands afterwards. Kept the meat and frozen food nice and cold through the all the errands (about 3 hours).

It runs on Sentry mode when out and about, though will turn off when home (don’t use Sentry mode at home). But you can pre-cool it via the Bluetooth app similar to how one pre-conditions the Tesla before heading out.

Small minor issues
- it is not a true fit for the sub trunk as it juts out a little bit on mine so it is not fully flat. But since I have trunk mats, it doesn’t really show much.
- I think that a WiFi control feature for the App would be helpful rather than just the Bluetooth.

Prince Littlewolf
Tesla refrigerator perfect fit!

Wow wow WOW - this refrigerator is perfect and does what it's supposed to do! I've always have warm drinks in my Tesla and now I don't. have to rush home after shopping for refrigerated produce and ice cream, etc

Elizabeth Trlica

Easy to install and use. Pretty light, and was not awkward at all to place in the subtrunk or remove. Cooled down really quickly. Can’t wait for my first road-trip and camping experience!

Parri Munsell
Dont hesitate to purchase. Best accessory for Model Y!

Absolutely love my TesFrig. Fits like an official Tesla accessory in sub trunk making what would have been mainly wasted space into an often used accessory. Cools down very fast and easily can act as either refrigerator or freezer with sub zero temperatures.

Gilbert Arguelles

Just finished installing. Be sure to keep it upright. Compressors can be damaged otherwise. Leave setting normally for awhile if you mess up before turning on. Installation is simple for the Tesla model Y. Stick the 6 pads on the lower edge of the tesla storage well cover. Plug in the power cord to the right side of the fridge with the cord running towards the control panel and plug into the 12 volt outlet in the driver's side pocket inside the trunk just below the tail light. The fridge just finished cooling to 40 degrees F while I entered this review. Feels cool inside. All is good. The instructions could be better. The app is working fine. They could provide the app name to install that as well.

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