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Tesla Model 3 Camping Setup: the portable fridge specially designed to fit in the Sub-Trunk

by Cody Fair 20 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Tesla Model 3 Camping Setup, the Fridge.

Whether you’re going camping, taking a road trip, or just need some place cool to store your groceries, Well, worry no more! A portable fridge specifically designed to fit into the sub trunks of Tesla Model 3 here comes It. Maybe you own a Tesla and want to take advantage of its Camp Mode feature, putting down the back seats, setting up a mattress, and enjoying nature for the night.

With a capacity of 20L, the Tesla portable compressor fridge is perfect for storing food and drinks on the go. But what sets it apart from other portable fridges is its high-quality cooling compressor, which ensures that your food stays fresh and cool even in the hottest weather.

Another great feature of the Tesla portable fridge is its insulation. With a 45mm thick layer, it provides better insulation than most other portable fridges on the market. This means that it can keep your food and drinks cool for longer, even if you're driving in the sun all day.

But what really impressed me about the Tesla Model 3 rear trunk fridge is its hollow design. This design serves to regulate the heat dissipation, which means that the fridge doesn't get too hot even when it's running for long periods of time. This is important because it ensures that the fridge doesn't overheat and damage your food or the car.

One of the best things about the Tesla portable car refrigerator is that it's powered by the 12V cigarette lighter outlet in your Tesla Model 3. This means that you don't need to worry about carrying extra batteries or finding a power source when you're on the go. You can simply plug it in and start using it right away.

Overall, The portable fridge is a great addition to any Tesla Model 3 owner's arsenal. It's eco-friendly, sustainable, and perfect for anyone who loves to get out in nature and explore. Whether you're planning a road trip or just a weekend getaway, the Tesla portable fridge is the perfect companion for your camping.

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