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How to add 12v Outlet for fridge cooler in the Trunk of your Tesla Model 3

by Cody Fair 05 May 2024 0 Comments
how to add 12v Outlet for fridge cooler in the Tesla Model 3 Trunk

Adding a 12V outlet to power a fridge cooler in the trunk of your Tesla Model 3 can significantly enhance your road trip experience. Whether you’re camping, tailgating, or simply need a convenient way to keep your beverages chilled, having a dedicated outlet in the rear can make a world of difference.

Why Add a 12V Outlet?

The central console’s 12V outlet is useful for charging devices, but it’s not always the most convenient option when you’re using a fridge cooler in the trunk. Running the power cable from the front to the rear can be cumbersome, especially if you want to keep the cable hidden and avoid clutter. Adding a dedicated 12V outlet in the trunk provides a more streamlined solution.

Steps to Add a 12V Outlet in the Trunk:

  1. Choose the Location:
    • Identify a suitable location in the trunk where you want to install the 12V outlet. Consider accessibility, aesthetics, and safety.
    • Some Tesla owners have successfully installed the outlet in existing cutouts in the top of the trunk.
  2. Select the Components:
    • You’ll need a 12V outlet panel (such as one from Blue Sea Systems) and an enclosure for it.
    • Ensure that the outlet can handle the power requirements of your fridge cooler.
  3. Tap into the Power Source:
    • Connect the 12V supply wire to the same wire that feeds the central console’s outlet.
    • This ensures that the outlet stays powered as long as Sentry Mode is active.
    • Avoid confusing the vehicle’s systems by tapping into the correct wire (e.g., VCLEFT).
  4. Ground Connection:
    • Locate a suitable ground spot near the rear seats (usually a 10mm bolt).
    • Connect the ground wire securely to this spot.
  5. Secure the Outlet:
    • Bolt the enclosure with the 12V outlet panel into the chosen location.
    • Ensure that it’s secure and won’t interfere with other components.
  6. Wire Routing:
    • Run the power wire along existing wire looms to keep it organized and hidden.
    • Be patient during this step, as it can be a bit tricky.
  7. Test the Outlet:
    • Plug in your fridge cooler and test the outlet.
    • It should provide sufficient power for your cooler without affecting other systems.

Benefits of the Rear 12V Outlet:

  • Convenience: No more running cables between the seats to power your fridge. The rear outlet is right where you need it.
  • Additional Capacity: The central console’s outlet remains available for other accessories, as you’ll still have ample power capacity up front.
  • Clean Aesthetics: A well-installed outlet looks neat and doesn’t clutter your trunk space.

Remember that modifying your Tesla may void warranties, so proceed with caution. If you’re not comfortable with the installation, consider seeking professional help. Enjoy your chilled beverages on your next adventure! 🚗❄️

I’ve provided a detailed guide on adding a 12V outlet for your fridge cooler in the trunk of your Tesla Model 3. If you need further assistance or have any specific questions, feel free to ask! 😊

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