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Having refrigerator in your Tesla trunk can be a great addition to your travels

by Cody Fair 17 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Having refrigerator in your Tesla trunk can be a great addition to your travels

As the world gradually shifts toward clean and sustainable energy, electric cars have become increasingly popular. Tesla is one of the leading electric car manufacturers in the world, providing eco-friendly vehicles with advanced technologies. These cars come with a spacious trunk, and car enthusiasts are exploring interesting ways to make the most of it. The Tesla trunk refrigerator is a perfect example of this, as it is specifically designed to fit into the sub trunks of Tesla vehicles, providing efficient cooling and storage on the go. The Model trunk refrigerator is available in a 20L and 35L capacity, making it perfect for those who love to travel or go on outdoor adventures with their Tesla.

Installing a refrigerator in a Tesla trunk might seem like a bizarre idea to some, but the reality is that it can be of great help. For instance, If you’re planning to go camping, partying, or any outdoor activity that requires cold drinks, this fridge is the perfect solution.

One of the benefits of having a Tesla trunk refrigerator is the minimal noise it produces. The fridge is designed to muffle any sound it makes, which means you can enjoy your music or conversations without any distractions. Additionally, the fridge has gaps around it, which allows the heat to dissipate and keeps the fridge running smoothly.

Having a refrigerator in the car trunk might seem counterintuitive to some since it decreases the storage capacity of the car. However, if you have extra storage space for the food and beverages, it can enhance the trip experience. This makes it easier to carry drinks and perishable food items without worrying about buying on the go or stopping at a restaurant.

Installing a refrigerator in a Tesla car trunk can be a useful addition to the vehicle, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities. It offers convenience, promotes healthy eating habits, saves space, and is efficient, durable, and easy to use. If you own a Tesla and love to enjoy cold drinks while traveling, you should definitely consider getting one of Tesla Model trunk refrigerator.

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